Priolo, an endangered species, a menaced habitat
The LIFE Priolo project – “Recovery of Azores bullfinch habitat in the Special Protected Area (SPA) of Pico da Vara/Ribeira do Guilherme”, took place between October, 2003 and October, 2008, coordinated by SPEA in partnership with the Municipality of Nordeste, the Center for Environmental Conservation and Protection from the Azores University (CCPA), The Regional Directorate of Forestry Resources (DRRF), the Regional Secretariat of Environment and the Sea (SRAM) and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB, Birdlife no Reino Unido). 

This project had as its main target the recovery of the habitat of the Azores bullfinch, Priolo in Portuguese, (Pyrrhula murina), through the conservation and restoration of the threatened Azorean Laurel Forest, characterized by a high number of endemic flora species, in the most relevant area for the occurrence of the Azores bullfinch.

Afterwards, the conservation of the Azores bullfinch and its habitat was continued with LIFE+ Sustainable Laurel Forest (2009-2013) project and LIFE+ Terras do Priolo (2013-2018) project.

Discover more about the conservation of the Azores bullfinch and other threatened bird species in the Azores in the SPEA Azores blog.

Visit the Lands of Priolo and discover this bird and the conservation actions developed in the Priolo’s Interpretation Centre.
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TV Report produced by RTP Açores
Information brochure for the LIFE Priolo Project - English