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September 2023
Our Mission
SPEA is an Environmental not-for-profit organization whose mission is to support research and conservation of wild birds and their habitats, by promoting sustainable development for the benefit of future generations.
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Actions list

The LIFE Priolo Project is divided in 45 actions, divided in 5 intervention areas:

A. Preliminary works, development of management plans and/or action plans

A1. Development of SPA Management Plan (SRA) – Finished

A2. Expansion of SPA Pico da Vara / Ribeira do Guilherme (SRAM)- Finished

A3. Analysis of economic feasibility plan and valuation of ecosystem services of SPA Pico da Vara / Ribeira do Guilherme (SPEA) – In progress

A4. Guidance document on cutting the Cryptomerian forest cut in the SPA Pico da Vara / Ribeira do Guilherme and adjacent area (SPEA) – In progress

A5. Integration of SPA in the National Network of Protected Areas by developing its own regulation and organization (SRAM) – In progress

A6. Integration of management activities of the project in sectorial and regional policies (SRAM) – In progress

A7. Agricultural and forest activities planning in the adjacent area of the SPA  Pico da Vara /Ribeira do Guilherme (SPEA) - Finished

A8. Revision of exotic species control legislation (SRAM) – In progress

A9. Mapping of the vegetation cover in the SPA Pico da Vara /Ribeira do Guilherme (SPEA) – In progress

C. Individual tasks of environmental management

C1. Encouragement of orchard plantings with trees developing floral buds at the end of winter (SPEA) –In progress

C2. Cryptomeria cutting in the degraded forest areas adjacent to the project (DRRF) – In progress

C3. Increase in feeding availability by artificial feeders (SPEA) – Finished

D. Seasonal environmental management

D1. Lobbying the administration in order to substitute exotics along margins of acess road and paths to the SPA Pico da Vara / Ribeira do Guilherme (SPEA) - In progress

D2. Testing of chemical methods for the eradication of Hedychium gardneranum in the intervention area of the project (SPEA) - In progress

D3. Removing of Hedychium gardneranum in the principal area of the Priolo's distribution and in a transition strip of the buffer area (SPEA) – In progress

D4. Manual and chemical removal of Clethra arborea and manual removal of Gunnera tinctoria (SPEA) - In progress

D5. Opening of two accesses to the clearing zones and planting of native species (SPEA) - In progress

D6. Removal of vegetal waste resultant from clearing in intervention areas (SPEA)

D7. Treatment of vegetal waste removed from intervention area (SPEA)

D8. Plantation of native species in the area of principal presence of the Priolo  and adjacent buffer areas (SPEA) - In progress

D9. Growing of native species in nursery (DRRF) - In progress

D10. Implementation of a control scheme in the SPA Pico da Vara /Ribeira do Guilherme with special regard to the intervention area of the project and the area of major presence of the Priolo (DRRF) - In progress

E. General public awareness and publication of results

E1. Install five information tablets about the project and the importance of the Priolo  and native species (SPEA) - In progress

E2. Creation and management of a web page about the project (SPEA and PARTNERS) - In progress

E3. Production of a CD ROM (SPEA and PARTNERS) - In progress

E4. Production of two leaflets about the project, to broadcast the project and the Priolo (SPEA and PARTNERS) - Finished

E5. General promotion of the project by publication of articles in various publications (SPEA and PARTNERS) - In progress

E6. Production of the logo of the project (SPEA and PARTNERS) – Finished

E7. Production of a panel about the project (SPEA and PARTNERS) - In progress

E8. Production of educative material to be integrated in the school program of São Miguel schools (SPEA and PARTNERS)

E9. Collaboration in the development of the tourism program for the island of São Miguel integrating special information about the Priolo and native vegetation species, in collaboration with the Regional Direction of Tourism  (SPEA) - In progress

E10. Formation of workers in the different duties related to the process of removing exotic vegetation and plantation of native species (SPEA) - In progress

E11. Collaboration in the promotion of tourist walks to be developed by the Regional Direction of Tourism (SPEA)

E12. Production of a non-specialised report (SPEA) - Finished

E13. Promotion of the project through marketing campaigns directed to general public (SPEA)

F. General management of the project

F1. Planning, revision, management and implementation of the project by the beneficiary and partners. (SPEA and PARTNERS) - In progress

F2. Ensure the strategic planning of the project and the decision making by creation of an Executive Commission (SPEA and PARTNERS) – In progress

F3. Ensure the scientific rigour of the project with the creation of a Consultive Commission (Priolo Recovery Team) (SPEA) - Finished [Scientific workshop conclusions]

F4. Evaluation of the awareness of general population and administration in relation to the problems of the Priolo  and native vegetation (SPEA) –1st stage Finished

F5. Monitoring schemes for the exotic vegetation removal and production and plantation of native species (SPEA) - Finished

F6. Monitoring of the Priolo population (SPEA) - Finished

F7. Evaluation of the overall results of the project (SPEA)

F8. Measure the effectiveness of the programme of recovery of the habitat for the Priolo throughout the duration of the project (SPEA)

F9. Ensure that financial accounts are maintained for the project (SPEA) - In progress

F10. Ensure an audit of the project (SPEA)



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